Do you or your family members suffer from Asthma? We can treat your rug with a Dust Mite Anti Allergen proven to neutralise dust mite allergens. Ingredients in the formula neutralise dust mite droppings, the trigger of allergies, making them harmless to people who display allergic symptoms to dust mite allergens. This service comes with a free can to top up the treatment as and when you feel it necessary.


We can guarantee the removal of all moths, eggs, larvae and any other creepy crawlies from within the pile of your rug using a special treatment that does not require the use of any harsh or toxic chemicals.

Moth repellent

We will coat your rug with a water based repellent which will change the taste of the wool fibres so the moths will not lay their eggs with in the pile. This treatment will last for up to 1 year.


For rugs that have developed a ripple due to water damage for example and do not sit flat, they can be treated in our Spa and stretched using a method we refer to as blocking and sizing. We will stretch, tack and apply a product to the back of the rug to help prevent it returning to its misshaped self.

Rug underlay

If your rug walks across the floor, is wavy, has folds or is a trip hazard then Foxi Super Plus Underlay is what you need. Foxi has been created to stop movement on carpet and slipping on smooth floors.

The ultimate rug protection

After your rug has been through our signature treatment it will be coated in a water based protective coating which acts a shield to protect against future stains and soil being absorbed by the fibres. This gives you a fighting chance to remove spots and stains before they become permanent.

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Urine odour removal

We will firstly sanitise the rug with an anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal product. We will then wash your rug thoroughly repeating until all urine/vomit etc has been thoroughly washed out of the rug leaving it looking and smelling beautifully clean and hygenic.

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