Rug protection treatment

The ultimate rug protection treatment

A water based protective finish designed to protect against any future spills creating  a permanent stain on your freshly clean rug.

A moth repellent which will help protect against moths from laying their eggs in your rug.  This means there wont be any nasty little larvae which find wool fibres so tasty  eating away at your rug.

A 6 month warranty which will entitle your rug to a FREE re-clean any time with in  the six month period. Whether you have an accident on the rug or you simply feel  that it could do with a freshen up we will re-clean you rug FREE of charge with this  warranty.*

Rugs can be a huge investment especially hand woven rugs. They can be the centre piece of many homes and also a great topic of conversation. Why not protect your investment against possible future spills becoming an unsightly permanent stain with this specially designed package which will not only protect your rug against stains but also protect your rug against moth damage.

*Terms of warranty:
Collection and delivery is not included in the warranty so either bring the rug to us for the free re-clean or we can have it collected and delivered for a nominal fee. The free re-clean will remove the protective coating, if you would like them re-applied with or with out another  6 month warranty we will be happy to do so for an additional cost. Protective coatings are not a complete proof against staining etc but will drastically  improve the chances of removing any future stains, spots, general marks from the rug.
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